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New York Style Sprawl

I was sent this CNN blurb: Exurb growth challenges U.S. cities which gives a brief account of some of the surburban or “exurban” sprawl pressures being faced in the West. A University of Denver geography professor has concluded that roughly …

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Oliver Wendell Holmes

“A hundred years after we are gone and forgotten, medical those who never heard of us will be living with the results of our actions.” – Oliver Wendell Holmes, U.S. Supreme Court

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Migrant Workers

There are an estimated 47,000 migrant workers and their family members in New York.

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Wind-blown Soil a Major Factor in Urban Lead Poisoning

The persistence of child blood lead poisoning in Urban areas (including Syracuse) shows a strong seasonal variation; this is a result of increased inhalation and ingestion of lead enriched dust brought about by external climatological factors, in dry summer periods …

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EPA Asks State to Delay Cleanup of Onondaga Lake

Onondaga Lake plan delay sought State, federals, Onondagas say more time is needed to review cleanup proposals. Feds tell state to delay Onondaga Lake cleanup NewsFlash – Feds want state to delay cleanup of Onondaga Lake Cleanup plan on …

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Nature Conservancy saves 200 acres in Montezuma complex

Land deals to guard wetlands (Democrat & Chronicle) Corydon Ireland Staff writer (March 27, 2005) — In a coup that will protect more than 200 acres of woodland, meadows and marsh, the Rochester-based chapter of The Nature Conservancy has bought …

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Start of shipping season brings warnings of lake invaders

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The Basics on Genetically Modified Foods

The Basics on Genetically Modified Foods The Basics on Genetically Modified Foods (AP Release) What foods are genetically modified? Are they safe? Here are the basics: Q: How can I tell if foods in the grocery store have genetically modified …

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Database to track water pollution

This is possibly DEC’s version of the EPA’s “Surf Your Watershed” but on a larger (regional) scale. Something to look forward to. – Database to track water pollution The Department of Environmental Conservation will create a public database that …

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The Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF)

A data access portal providing information on global biodiversity: Taxonomic names and Specimens and Observations. Currently 67,080,384 records.

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