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The Syracuse Metropolitan Transportation Council’s Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan

The Syracuse Metropolitan Transportation Council (SMTC) has been doing some nice work studying and surveying bicycle and pedestrian issues in Onondaga County and the City of Syracuse. The website for the Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan has a lot of worthwhile …

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For Memorial Day

“We are now reminded to be aware of our place upon this Earth. And to fulfill our obligations to ourselves, our family, nation, natural world and to the Creater. The words say we are to awaken! Stand up! Be counted! …

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Grant to help clean up Batavia site

The city of Batavia will receive $108, health 000 to help clean up a former industrial site that local officials are hoping to redevelop. The money is part of a $1.2 million state grant for 10 sites in eight counties. …

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Phosphorous crippling Owasco Lake water quality

A large amount of phosphorus in Owasco Lake comes from agricultural runoff, excess fertilizer used on residential properties and residents disposing of yard waste in stormwater drains that lead to the lake. With more nutrients like phosphorus in the lake, …

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NY State Following California on CO2 Regulations

New York’s State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) has proposed regulations that adopt California’s aggressive greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions regulations. New York is the first state to follow California’s lead in this. The California rules require cuts in emissions of …

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Wood-killing wasp discovered in upstate New York

ITHACA, N.Y. (AP: May 13, 2005) The discovery of a pernicious wasp in New York, the first time it’s been found in the wild in this country, has scientists worried about a scourge that has devastated pine forests in other …

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Spring’s start coming earlier, study blames global warming

The first signs of spring are appearing earlier in the year, and a new study from Stanford University released Monday says man-made global warming is clearly to blame. Mother Nature has rushed spring forward by nearly 10 days worldwide, on …

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Emerson admits cleanup falters

ITHACA —While meeting clean-up requirements, the current remediation plan at Emerson Power Transmission is not the most effective at removing contamination, according to a letter from the company to state officials. “The treatment system has not removed the mass of …

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Welcome to the Anthropocene

The third and final part of Elizabeth Kolbert’s New Yorker piece on Global Warming: THE CLIMATE OF MAN—III. A few years ago, Robert Socolow, a professor of engineering at Princeton, began to think about B.A.U. [“business as usual”] and what …

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More Aerial Shots from the Dryden Area

Local blogger Living in Dryden has captured some aerial photos of the south eastern shores of Cayuga Lake and surroundings. Fantastic!

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