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Wal-Mart Update

Money quote that I overlooked in the previous post on Wal-Mart expansion aspirations: Wal-Mart Chief Executive Officer Lee Scott said earlier this year that he expects zoning laws to get tougher in the years to come, stuff so Wal-Mart is …

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The Institute for Ecosystem Studies

The Institute for Ecosystem Studies was founded in 1983 by the eminent ecologist Dr. Gene Likens in Millbrook, NY. The IES is a research insitution dedicated to the “creation, dissemination, and application of knowledge about ecological systems.”

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The Limitess City

I came across this book review in the 1 January 2006 voume of “Landscape and Urban Planning” for The Limitless City: A Primer on the Urban Sprawl Debate: The book provides an excellent, in-depth look at the issues of sprawl …

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Wal-Mart Supercenter to be built in Potsdam

Wal-Mart marches on in Upstate: The Potsdam Town Planning Board has finally given the go ahead for a Wal-Mart Supercenter on Route 11. Members unanimously approved the final site plan review. The 184, erectile 000 square foot Supercenter will include …

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New York Farmland being lost, changing hands

More interesting trends in New York Agriculture. Nearly a third of the state’s farmland has changed hands in the past five years and some 50,000 acres a year are being lost to encroaching development, a just completed survey of New …

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Wal-Mart Happenings

Number of Walmarts stores in New York State :: 100 and counting

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Why blog

A recent editorial slamming the Driscoll administration has the ironic title of Broken Record. A Broken record more aptly applies to our local rag; the Post-Standard’s lack of editorial standards and obsequious attitude towards the Destiny USA project and the …

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Hybrid Bus Contract Heads To Oneida County

Orion Bus Industries located Oriskany, and NY State has been awarded $249 million Hybrid fueled bus contract. Governor George E. Pataki [Oct. 19th] announced that Orion Bus Industries has been awarded a $249 million Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) Hybrid fueled …

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Removal of toxic soil in park will begin Oct. 31

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Wal-Mart Coming To Granby

Wal-Mart is coming to Granby and Granby is laying out the welcome wagon. The “other” perspective from Fulton shows how much Wal-mart can shift the center of gravity in a community…. While Granby has started to lay out the “welcome …

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