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Study Shows Weakening of Atlantic Currents

And you’re worried about your heating bill… Scientists say they have measured a significant slowing in the Atlantic currents that carry warm water toward Northern Europe. If the trend persists, they say, the weather there could cool considerably in coming …

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Zogby on Upstate New York

The Observer-Dispatch has an thought-provoking interview with pollster John Zogby on the Rome-Utica area and the lack of vision in Upstate New York: “I don’t think local officials are accustomed to thinking in terms of visions. I think they need …

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Rumors of a Saranac Lake Wal-Mart

The debate continues to heat up over the possibility of a Wal-mart opening in Saranac Lake even though its officially only a rumor. Adirondack Almanac recently posted on this growing debate, this including a link to an Adirondack Daily Enterprise …

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Jobs, Environment, Waste Management in Cayuga County

The Cayuga County Blog has been posting extensively on the proposed Scepter landfill in the town of Seneca Falls raising concerns specifically about its proximity to Montezuma National Wildlife Refuge. The landfill will be used as waste-disposal site for ash …

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More Layoffs at NVG.

Layoffs begin at New Process Gear

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Eastwood Walgreens decision expected today

With a decision expected today on the proposed Eastwood Walgreens Sean Kirst offers another interesting column – a must read for anyone following this issue. The critical thing being decided: The decision on Walgreens, abortion where the developer is asking …

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State cuts farm grants

A grant program that awarded $1.3 million to farmers in Cayuga, approved Madison and Onondaga counties to promote tourism was not included in the current state budget, page leaving hundreds of interested applicants out of luck. The New York Agritourism …

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The Economy of Nature

By ecology we mean the body of knowledge concerning the economy of nature—the total relations of the animal to both to its inorganic and organic environment.

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Consolidating Government Services in Onondaga County

“Central Issues” WCNY-TV held a special live broadcast to discuss an ongoing study of consolidation by the Onondaga Citizens League. Most of those participating in the discussion agreed that consolidation has benefits, but achieving it would be difficult because many …

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Free Movie Screening of Wal-Mart: The Movie

Next week will be a grassroots Premiere Week for the new muckracking documentary, “WAL-MART: The High Cost of Low Price”. Free screening locations are peppered across the Central New York region. The documentary looks “into the real lives of workers …

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