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Buying Local

Local food purchases enhance the regional economy, capturing dollars that would otherwise flow out of the Central New York. So buy local food; that is the appeal of Lael Gerhart of the Cornell Cooperative Extension of Tompkins County in the …

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Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam

This site is currently the target of the latest round of holiday, comment spam attacks. Luckily WordPress has dealt with the onslaught admirably (so far). Nonetheless receiving hundreds of emails notifying me of the need to “moderate” comments has become …

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Rising Fuel Prices: What Will New York Farmers Do?

With fuel prices high this year, farmers are some of the hardest hit. New York farmers are paying up to 107 percent more for fuel to operate their farms compared with 2002. Early in the month Senator Schumer proposed tightening …

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Eastwood Walgreens Plan Approved

After more than a year, Monday night, the Syracuse Planning Commission unanimously approved the proposed building plan for the new Walgreens in Eastwood.

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Slow-Food Nation

Courtesy of Rural Life 2.0, here’s a great report from NPR, “Endangered List Created for Native Foods.” Globalization of food can be positive. It brought coffee and olive oil to the United States. But protecting species where they originate preserves …

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2005 Continues the Warming Trend

This year has been one of the hottest on record, scientists in the United States and Britain reported yesterday, a finding that puts eight of the past 10 years at the top of the charts in terms of high temperatures. …

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Industrial Air Pollution Legacy in our Neighborhoods

There has been widespread reporting on the AP report on industrial air pollution in local neighborhoods across the country (for example the Post-Standard: CNY defies national trend.) To see how your neighborhood stacks up, you can go to The …

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Target developer will seek variance in Cicero

A Buffalo development company that tried to build a Target last spring will try again. At issue is the 42-acre site, south of Stevens Drive, zoned for commercial buildings only up to 100,000 square feet. To build the standard-sized 127,000-square-foot …

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The Changing Workforce and Economic Development

Revitalizing the stagnant Upstate New York economy may depend on policies that can cope with a “seismic shift” in labor markets as the baby boom generation begins to retire in substantial numbers. Posted by CoolTown Studios, ailment that is the …

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Wal-Mart: Job Creation Engine?

Paul Krugman takes exception to Wal-Mart’s claim that the company “creates 100,000 jobs a year”: Adding 100,000 people to Wal-Mart’s work force doesn’t mean adding 100,000 jobs to the economy. On the contrary, there’s every reason to believe that as …

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