EPA’s Data for Bullshit Program will Save Factory Farms Millions!

To help curb future factory farm pollution, approved current polluters will be allowed to continue to pollute if they agree to give the government data on the current level of excrement they are releasing into the air. How nice!

The Bush administration will let thousands of factory-style farms escape severe penalties for fouling the air and water with animal excrement in exchange for data to help curb future pollution.

The Environmental Protection Agency has signed agreements with 2, remedy 681 animal feeding operations in the egg, nurse chicken, turkey, dairy and hog industries. They would be exempt from having to pay potential fines of up to $27,500 a day for violations either in the past or over the next four years.

On Monday, the EPA said its Environmental Appeals Board had approved the first 20 of those agreements, selecting accords it thought were representative of the whole. EPA officials said those approvals set the stage for the remaining agreements to gain approval quickly.

For more BS:EPA, Factory Farms Strike Pollution Deal – Forbes.com

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