Alternative Enery meets the Rural Landscape in Upstate New York

Maple Ridge, the largest alternative-energy project east of the Mississippi, as well as other Wind Farm projects are being touted as an “economic bonanza” by some Upstate New York communities according to today’s New York Times (via NYCO). Not only are these wind projects increasing the tax base of some communities, but the projects may also provide an important, supplemental revenue source for small farmers. Arguably these wind farms are not without their negatives. But any negatives must be weighed against an “environmentally friendly”, alternative energy source that has the potential for both assisting, struggling rural communities and contributing to the economic health of small, family farms. At a scale where these econonic benefits are truly significant, there may be concern that these projects will disturb the rural landscape. But as Baloghblog has pointed out, not only do Windmills have an appeal in their own right, there are far worse things than windmills already distrupting the rural aesthetic.

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