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Tioughnioga Revitalization

Cortland County has secured $2 million for development of trails along the Tioughnioga. The county has plans to leverage this into a larger waterfront revitalization effort. More at New 10 Now. Waterfront revitalization plans (I just like saying, drugs “Tioughnioga”)

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Global warming behind 2005 hurricanes

The real question is what does the 2006 (and beyond) hurricane season have in store… The record Atlantic hurricane season last year can be attributed to global warming, several top experts, including a leading U.S. government storm researcher, said on …

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Town of Plattsburgh passes wind-power moratorium

The Plattsburgh Town Council unanimously established a one-year moratorium on windmills and wind-energy-producing facilities on land in the Town of Plattsburgh. Source: Press-Republican. 04/19/2006 Also the Press-Republican has additional web resources discussing concerns of North Country Wind Development: Winds of …

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Economic Contribution of Insects

The warm weather finally seems to be settling in to central New York. But with warm weather comes the onslaught of “bugs” – I don’t know why this always catches me off gaurd. Well here’s some economic research that may …

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Logging effort criticized

Commenting on this news post, Endicott’s Pollution Legacy and “The Glen”, Jesse over at the York Staters adds some additional background to the story. A few years ago (6 I believe) when IBM was pulling out of the region, they …

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“Megasuburb” planned in Utah

We have the suburb, then there was talk about the exurb. Now we have the “Megasuburb”. It’s a development plan that will take more than 50 years from start to finish. A string of “walkable” communities, expected eventually to house …

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Golisano on Wind Farms

I was left with the distinct impression that Tom Golisano was opposed to wind farm development especially any that might infringe on his Canandaigua Lake homestead. Apparently his position is somewhat more nuanced. He supports small-scale windfarm development projects under …

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New spill angers Endicott residents

A Jan. 18 chemical spill at the Huron campus was reported promptly to state officials, link side effects but village officials and residents knew nothing about it until an anonymous tip from within the company months later. The information gap, …

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Old Computers: Hazardous Waste

Containing “traces of mercury, cadmium, fire retardant and up to five pounds of lead”, computers are one of the “biggest sources of hazardous waste in the country”. The New York Times reports on the various ways different companies are approaching …

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Kodak unveils its data on global pollutants

Should we be reassured or concerned that corporations are taking the initiative on the global warming issue? Many governmental leaders have advocated against restrictions on greenhouse gas emissions, drug calling international treaties like the Kyoto Protocol a drain on the …

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