Global Warming and the Earth’s climate zones

A new study being released in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences is causing a stir; it shows how Global Warming may alter the Earth’s climate zones, creating novel climate regions, while complete eliminating others.  A number of articles about this press release can be found, e.g. here, here , and here.

From National Geographic News:

Specifically, brand-new climates will appear in the tropical and subtropical regions, while some climates of the tropical mountains and the regions around the Poles will be entirely replaced by 2100…”It won’t be like anything we’ve experienced since the last interglacial period,” [researchers] said. “Some of these novel climates have probably never existed on Earth, or at least not in the last few million years.”

The study should not be taken as gospel however since its conclusions are based on computer models using the data from the latest IPCC report.

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