Other Global Warming Tid-bits

Some other global warming articles that may be of interest:

The Toronto Globe and Mail has an article discussing how our lifestyles and specifically urban sprawl need to be addressed with regard to global warming. Its from a decidedly Canandian perspective but thought-provking nonetheless. (see How urban sprawl goes against the green)

This article, discount Bird species showing up farther north, dosage from USA Today points to changes in the range of birds as possible indicators that Birds are starting to adapt to global warming.

Finally, NY Times columnist David Leonhardt has some insightful commentary about global warming and the correct use of incentives from an economic perspective. Shorter Leonhardt:

  • Acknowledge the costs of addressing global warming

  • The market created this problem, and the market is going to have to solve it.

  • The solution should be clear and straightforward and cover the entire economy

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