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EcoVillage at Ithaca

EcoVillage at Ithaca (EVI) is a local “ecovilliage” in upstate New York where residence live share in a variety of community responsibilities, attempt to maintain a sustainable, low-impact lifetyle, and present an alternative vision of suburban living. The “village currently …

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Finding path to upstate renewal

Albany’s Times-Union has an interesting blurb on the seminar “Can Upstate Cities Save Themselves?” at the Albany Institute of History and Art. Of course it boils down to redesigning our cities, the young are fleeing upstate (oh dear!), economic development, …

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New York’s Costly Special Districts

A number of newspapers are reporting on a State comptrollers report on Special town districts. Statewide there are 6927 special district and 4200 local governments while New Yorkers pay some of the highest property taxes in the Nation. The implication …

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The Economist on Destiny

For the record…The Economist offers its 800 word assessment of Destiny USA - Saving upstate New York. May 4th 2006. From The Economist print edition: About 250 miles north-west of New York City, in the heart of New York state, …

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Tompkins County Comprehensive Plan

Dryden Democrats has a post on the Natural Feature Focus Areas in the Dryden Township. Included are a number of PDF documents that show the areas and summarize their significance. This got me browsing the Tompkins County Planning department website …

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Sewage overflow in Upstate New York

Combined sewer overflows (CSOs) are a major source of surface water pollution especially in older municipalities with aging infrastructure. That pretty much describes almost all of Upstate New York. The Utica O&D reports on one sewage overflow problem along Sauquoit …

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Seven Rays store to close

Seven Rays Bookstore in Syracuse – which bills itself as the “biggest metaphysical bookstore on Earth” – will close unless a buyer for the store emerges, owner David Davis said.

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Syracuse University’s model of “economic inclusion”

Syracuse University’s School of Architecture will soon be located downtown. This is the first step in a larger community investment strategy that will include the purchase of additional downtown properties and the building of the Center of Excellence on Erie …

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Eastwood Walgreens Plan Approved

After more than a year, Monday night, the Syracuse Planning Commission unanimously approved the proposed building plan for the new Walgreens in Eastwood.

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Zogby on Upstate New York

The Observer-Dispatch has an thought-provoking interview with pollster John Zogby on the Rome-Utica area and the lack of vision in Upstate New York: “I don’t think local officials are accustomed to thinking in terms of visions. I think they need …

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