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Richard Florida: Who’s Your City?

I happened to catch a little of our favorite urbanist, Richard Florida, on talk of the Nation yesterday. In case anyone is interested here is the NPR link- Why ‘Where’ Is More Important than ‘Who’ or ‘What’ – this contains …

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Syracuse’s carbon footprint

From The Post Standard news site (by Tim Knauss): Syracusans contribute more per person to global warming than the residents of any other major city in New York, and far more than people in smog-filled Los Angeles, according to a …

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EcoVillage at Ithaca

EcoVillage at Ithaca (EVI) is a local “ecovilliage” in upstate New York where residence live share in a variety of community responsibilities, attempt to maintain a sustainable, low-impact lifetyle, and present an alternative vision of suburban living. The “village currently …

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Cool v. Uncool Cities

The need to cultivate a “creative class” in a region has become a recurring theme in discussions about economic development and planning in Central New York – and elsewhere. The organization “40 Below” is certainly an outgrowth of this thinking; …

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Finding path to upstate renewal

Albany’s Times-Union has an interesting blurb on the seminar “Can Upstate Cities Save Themselves?” at the Albany Institute of History and Art. Of course it boils down to redesigning our cities, the young are fleeing upstate (oh dear!), economic development, …

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New York’s Costly Special Districts

A number of newspapers are reporting on a State comptrollers report on Special town districts. Statewide there are 6927 special district and 4200 local governments while New Yorkers pay some of the highest property taxes in the Nation. The implication …

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Zoning and the Mathematics of Sewage

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Facing Down the Big Boxes

From the Rochester D & CThe Big Boxes are getting a makeover. Developers and municipalities are working more closely together to create buildings that blend in with the community. Good enough. But as I’m reading this article, I’m realizing that …

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Sprawl From Space

Using satellite data, sildenafil aerial photography and other GIS technologies researchers from the University of Toronto analyzed the phenomena of sprawl at a continental scale. This research was reported earlier this month at Though urban sprawl is widely regarded …

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Science Friday at ESF

ESF hosted the NPR program Science Friday yesterday. The first segment discussed alternative energy in upstate New York and the second focused on the decline of Upstate, visit this Green Urban Renewal and Destiny. If you missed the program you …

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